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At GCT & ASOCIADOS our standardized procedures facilitate the realization of comprehensive and specific audits, both of processes and in financial areas, in the shortest time possible and with maximum effectiveness.

Integral Audit

This involves the revision of different business processes, because when it comes to detecting weaknesses, deep insights of the smallest details are what marks the difference between a company that is ready to meet the needs of the market and one that only survives in it. The Integral Audits for GCT & ASOCIADOS become a window that allow the identification of opportunities that expand a company’s universe. This allows wise financial decisions for planning and designing for markets available to the company, and also reveals the possible inconsistencies that occur in the natural work of organizations.

GCT & ASOCIADOS is then able to become a financial projection and resource optimization tool; enabling the control environment to be improved, and as a result of this exercise, achieve greater efficiency. GCT & ASOCIADOS undertakes, with the highest quality, Financial Management Audits, Internal Control Audits and Compliance Audits.

The report generated by our company is comprehensive at every level: it specifically recognizes the positive aspects and factors that could be improved by the organization, providing recommendations that are always aimed at organic growth. In this way, the company’s management is able to receive pertinent information that greatly facilitates their decision-making processes, which are supported by our team. This is a key factor for future projections that ensure the correct steps are being taken.


Audits of specific processes

There are many companies whose essence is supported on aspects that sometimes receive the least amount of interest. GCT & ASOCIADOS specifically provides audits in fields such as: logistics, viewed from supply to delivery, specific audits for human resources, production and maintenance audits, audits for imports that place an emphasis on legal and tax issues, and information systems audits.

These are only some of the specific areas that GCT & ASOCIADOS has specialized personnel in. With our expertise, our team can generate reports that enable a company to efficiently identify the necessary corrective measures and implement plans, based first-hand information, that guarantees the right decisions. If they wish, GCT & ASOCIADOS is able accompany the client at every step of this decision-making process.

Financial Audit or of a specific component

GCT & ASOCIADOS counts with analytical review procedures and standardized audit tests, which allows an accurate, in-depth view of the company’s financial statements and enables the production of its relevant report. We evaluate the legal issues arising of this audit as an integral part of the delivered report.

We also carry out partial audits of a specific component according to the customer’s needs, in which we highlight the following:

  • Type of test for each component.
  • Opportunities for improvement:
    • Considering doubtful reasonability.
    • Risk due to weaknesses in the internal control system.
    • Considering inaccurate figures.

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